A Big Launch Party Cake!


The launch party for my book was a fun-filled afternoon for children. We had a scavenger hunt with a Gracie Butterfly Piñata as the grand Finale. Butterfly crafts and fake tattoos were big hits, plus a giant cake made at Walmart Bakery with the cover of the book printed in icing. Coloring pages, games outside with bubbles and balloons galore were also part of the event.  

So many people helped to make this event fun, especially my husband, Tom, and two special ladies, Leslie Smithwick and Beverly Pierce, and friends Jack and Monica Boyd.  My family was also present for moral support and my cute grand-babies who inspire me everyday.

Families who attended remarked on the creativity used to launch a children's book. 

My desire is that children learn to handle changes in their lives with positivity and to look for ways to help someone who is new in their school or neighborhood and make them feel welcome and included. Adults can also benefit from a simple message in a children's book. Change is hard sometimes, but there is always a positive lesson to be learned.

Each of my characters learn something about themselves they would not have know before a storm destroys their home.  They were living their lives selfishly, looking out for themselves, but a storm causes them to work together to survive.  They also work together to find new homes, even though they do not like having to leave their butterfly bush.  Uprooted and afraid, they encourage each other to move forward with courage. They learn to find the "hero inside themselves" a theme in a recent blog from Laura Sandefer, founder of Acton Academy.

 Each bug also develops a skill on their journey to find a home.  Rosie Ladybug learns she is a great teacher and helps start a school to teach bugs and butterflies to fly in straight lines and live peacefully.  Gracie Butterfly learns to be kinder to others and develops a talent as a ballerina. She must learn to land on her toes on the rose bushes in Roseville so she doesn't get stuck by the thorns. Jumpy Cricket is very fearful and makes a new discovery that his feet can be used to strum a guitar instead of make squeaky sounds. He becomes more courageous on his journey to find a home.  Harvey Bee is very busy and bossy before the storm.  He only cares about getting his pollen, but after the storm he realizes he is great at math and he helps keep track of all the pollen in the hive and becomes generous with his skills. 

Children are encouraged to find something about themselves that makes them special. Learning to adjust to changes in life with a positive attitude is a great skill for any age. When hardships come into their lives, they must learn to pick themselves up and strive to find the hero inside of themselves. 

Finding the strength to be positive and learn life lessons is the best lesson from Big Changes For Little Bugs.