What Type of Soil Are You?

A Seed is a life full of faith and hope. It believes it will become something. It has expectations of grandeur but it needs someone to plant it in the right soil, feed it, and prune it, and shape it.

Isn’t life like that? We all believe as children that the future is wide open and waiting for us to get there. We want to be something…fireman, ballerina, artist, singer. Just ask any four year old and they know what they want to BE. They are full of faith and hope that they will be what they dream of.

What did you want to be? What seed was inside of you?

I wanted to be a ballerina, but my parents wouldn’t let me take ballet. How’s a girl going to become a ballerina? Later in life, I wanted to become a interior designer, but reality and life set in, and I “discouraged” myself from that dream.

This reminds me of the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. Jesus tells about a seed and the four different types of soil it lands on: The Path, The Rocks, The Thorns, and The Good Soil. In verses 18-23, He explains the soil to his disciples…the path is the soil that is hard and the evil one (Satan) snatches the seeds, which are Jesus’s teachings. The seed on rocky ground sprouts with joy, but has no root and dies in one season because of persecution(discouragement). The seed among thorns hears the word, but it allows “Life” to choke it and it stops growing and doesn’t bear fruit. The seed that falls on Good soil understands, grows, and produces fruit that multiplies.

The seed can be as small as a mustard seed! It’s size doesn’t matter. Did you know that? In Matthew 13:3, Jesus explains that the smallest seed grew into a tree so big that birds could nest in its branches. Our faith can grow if we learn from each other and feed the seed food that nurtures it. Weeds can grow, but keeping good seeds (fellow believers) around will choke them out. Matt 13:37-39.

Have the weeds of “life” choked you out? Discouragement, depression, death, are some of those weed’s names.

We all want to grow in the Good soil, but its hard!

A trip to the garden shop adds confusion. Did you know there were so many SOILS for sale? None are rocky, but sometimes they have different fertilizers added to them…potting soil, topsoil, rose soil, vegetable soil, peat moss, on and on till you say, just give me some dirt!!

Maybe we should be more aware of what soil we are growing in, and also what is growing around us. Faith, fellowship with other believers, and living with an attitude of joy helps us stay healthy and produce the fruit that God wants. He multiplies us when we stay healthy!

Any gardener will tell you, the soil is the foundation of the garden. Tilling it, adding fertilizer, and preparing it to receive the seed, is necessary. The same is true for our soul. We need to prepare it, stir it up, and add some fertilizer to help God’s word put down roots and bear fruit.

The best way to do this is to read the Bible, and surround yourself with people who are “fertilizer” and have the wisdom to share and teach what has been growing in their lives.

There is a special place to start your faith seedling growing. It called a community of believers, and it may be a small group of women who are interested in growing together, such as the Growth Ring Circle, or it may be a local church who is just waiting to help you develop what your seed has been hiding.

So…what type of soil do you want to be? Be the soil that helps those around you grow into beautiful and fruitful people.

Seeds and Soil

Seeds and Soil