Growing Stronger

Some days feel like strong faith days, and some days feel like weak faith days.  Do you ever have days like that?

Today is a weak day for me.  Why, you ask?

My book Big Changes For Little Bugs just got selected  for the top ten of children’s fiction in Author Academy Awards.  I should be on cloud nine, but instead I’m feeling like I’m an imposter. 

I have dreamed of getting positive reviews for my book, and this is a BIG honor. I will speak at the annual conference to finalize the voting process. What will I say?

I can only tell my story, and my bug’s story. They cannot speak for themselves…it is my duty to tell children a story of hope and survival. Each character learns to overcome fear, and develop a trait in themselves that will help them grow stronger and look forward to their future. Children need to learn they can also do the same…overcome and move forward with courage, kindness, generosity and become peacemakers. Wish me LUCK!