Cheer Up A Child Today

August 31, 2018, Hurricane Florence left devastation in North Carolina, and once again I felt helpless seeing families displaced. One of my friends decided to take action by going to rescue horses in the area before the storm hit. Reading her posts on Facebook inspired me to help, but I couldn't rescue horses…I don’t know anything about them. But I do know children, and how to help them feel secure and safe. The requests for donations through Emergency Relief for Hurricane Florence Families, Horses, and Pets was effective.

Homes were torn apart with the floods and families were left with barely the clothes on their backs…can you imagine trying to explain to a child that everything they loved and played with was gone? As a grandmother, that broke my heart.

I knew my book would help cheer up children, and give parents a way to explain the big changes they were facing. My bugs could relate to the loss of a home, the fear of starting over, and all the challenges ahead. I contacted the relief organizer and pledged to donate 100 books.

What did I do???

Bug Book Bundle

Bug Book Bundle

The cost to print these books, coloring books, and purchase crayons, was now my responsibility. The more I thought about it, I knew people would want to get involved too, so I started a Facebook fundraiser to help with the printing costs. Donations started coming in from friends wanting to help. I put together a Bug Book Bundle, and sent 40 to North Carolina. I am preparing the rest to help the families Emergency Relief for Hurricane Florence Families, Horses and Pets has selected. You can help by donating to my printing costs. The more I print, the more children will receive comfort and hope to move forward. The link is above in the announcement bar. Thank You For Cheering Up A Child.

Growing Stronger

Some days feel like strong faith days, and some days feel like weak faith days.  Do you ever have days like that?

Today is a weak day for me.  Why, you ask?

My book Big Changes For Little Bugs just got selected  for the top ten of children’s fiction in Author Academy Awards.  I should be on cloud nine, but instead I’m feeling like I’m an imposter. 

I have dreamed of getting positive reviews for my book, and this is a BIG honor. I will speak at the annual conference to finalize the voting process. What will I say?

I can only tell my story, and my bug’s story. They cannot speak for themselves…it is my duty to tell children a story of hope and survival. Each character learns to overcome fear, and develop a trait in themselves that will help them grow stronger and look forward to their future. Children need to learn they can also do the same…overcome and move forward with courage, kindness, generosity and become peacemakers. Wish me LUCK!