A Weed Is A Misplaced Seed

Misplaced Crepe Myrtle Seed

Misplaced Crepe Myrtle Seed

What is growing in your life? Do you feel misplaced?

Today I found a mystery plant sprouting up in my yard. I didn’t have to look far to figure out what it was.  

Crepe myrtle trees are blooming like crazy nearby, and the seed of one has decided to sprout in the wrong place.  Someone else might call this a weed, but it’s really only a misplaced seed.  It doesn’t belong in the grassy area of the yard. 

 Many “weeds” have sprouted in the wrong places, but if they’re left to grow, they become what’s inside of the seed.  If left alone, they may grow to be trees, or flowers. A seed has to die to grow! It has to go into the ground, sprout out of its shell, and send out leaves to reach towards the sun. 

How do you know the difference between a tree seed, a flower seed, or a peach seed? 

The fruit of the seed solves the mystery.   

A peach seed will only grow peach trees, a flower seed will only grow flowers, and a tree seed could never become a flower.  

Are you revealing what’s inside of you?  Are you planted in the wrong place and feel like a weed?

Do you know who you are, and what you are supposed to be?

This is a daily struggle for me.  I have many seeds to plant, but I don’t want to plant them in the wrong place.  I have so many ideas I want to develop, but picking out which one to let grow is hard.  

John 12:24 (God's Word Translation) says, "I can guarantee this truth: A single grain of wheat (SEED) doesn't produce anything unless it is planted in the ground and dies. If it dies, it will produce a lot of grain."

After writing Big Changes For Little Bugs, I am now developing my children’s programs for schools and churches to help spread my 4 bug characters messages of kindness, courage, generosity, and peacemaking. These are big seeds I want to see grow. I know we need these qualities taught due to the declining moral climate around us.  Social media, movies, and TV seem to promote the weed of unkindness.  How will children learn to be different unless we encourage the things we want to grow and pull the “weeds” out by the roots.

Each of my bug characters has something contagious they want to spread. They are SUPERBUGS! 

Gracie is the Kindness Superbug, Harvey is a Helpful Superbug, Rosie is the Peacemaking Superbug, and Jumpy is the Superbug of Courage. They fly around the world spreading their seeds to children who will help them pull up “weeds.”  Since seeds grow when nurtured, their messages are spread all over the world, one by one.  Their fruit is a world full of beautiful gardens of Peace, Kindness, Generosity (Helpfulness) and Courage. 

What is growing in your life? Are you growing weeds or bearing fruit?  

Spread Good Seeds!


Crepe Myrtle In Bloom

Crepe Myrtle In Bloom


My Superbugs are Ready to Spread Seeds around the World.

  Watch for them.