The Road Ahead: Twists and Turns

It's finally April...the month I've been counting down to since August, 2017, when I started the writing process. It has been a road with twists and turns, and bumps. These trials have taught me that I can persevere. The learning curve to publish a book has been steep for me. The coaching group I'm part of, Igniting Souls Tribe, has helped me understand the self-publishing world. I now call myself an AUTHOR. I've just received my first hardback book proof, and a box of the soft back to sell at my launch party.

My hope for my book, Big Changes For Little Bugs, is that children and families will learn to look at events in their lives as stepping stones along the way to building a stronger family. Some of the stepping stones may have been big boulders that blocked your path, but the journey to a strong family is worth it.  I've included questions for discussion and extra pages to journal these family events, and I believe it will become a family keepsake book.

 My four bug characters learn during their struggle to find a home, that they have been given a new undiscovered talent. It only developed because of the struggle and they would have never known it existed inside themselves. Romans 12:6 GW

We each have undiscovered things about ourselves that only show up after trials. We are stronger and more courageous than we thought. Perseverance is a gift.

Have you experienced this after trials in life? 

One thing I have discovered about myself is... I have the writing "bug." Aren't my bugs smart? They helped me discover a new talent.

 I have more I want to write and create. This first book has awakened my creativity and my next vision is to help children learn about the Big Changes that took place in the very first garden... the Garden Of Eden. This is the place where the first creatures were created, such as my little bugs. This vision is to create curriculum for children to understand the creation story from my little bugs perspective... the very first bumble bee, ladybug, butterfly, and cricket. What was it like to not have fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, storms, or thorns? What changed?

This project is still to be developed. Hopefully, one day all children will read The Biggest Change Of All. 

The road ahead does turn and twist, but it always leads somewhere.  You just have to stay on it, hang on to the steering wheel, and guide the car to the final destination. It may be bumpy, but it will smooth out eventually when you see your dream become reality.