Are You A Writer? Part 1

Have you thought about writing a book? For many years I had this question buzzing around in my head. Recently I took the first real step to finally get answers to this question. Looking online at options to help publish, and write, was an overwhelming journey. I didn't even know what I was going to write, I just knew I needed to get something on paper. I listened to many podcasts, but the one that I always came back to was, Dan Miller's 48 Days. He challenges everyone to find work you love and more importantly, to love what you're doing.  I knew I needed to find somewhere to express myself, and writing was the place. He also put a link to an author program that he recommended.  Well, if Dan Miller recommends it, I pay attention. Kary Oberbrunner's Author Academy Elite was the site.  I have received so much valuable coaching to get this book written and now it is about to be published. I did start and then hit the brakes because of fear...but that's another story I'll share in part 2.

Entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging young minds of all ages is the goal of my writing.  As a storyteller, I use events in real life to teach a lesson. Inspiration is everywhere, if you look for it.  Sometimes it comes from nature, such as the uprooted Butterfly Bush in my yard that inspired Big Changes For Little Bugs, and most of all... it is God inspired. 

Scriptures, and recent podcasts, such as Rick Warren's Daily Hope, seemed to be speaking directly to me during 2017. A series called "Radicalis, A Life Rooted in God's Love", focused on putting roots in the Bible and God's word.  The chapter that spoke to me over and over was Ecclesiastes 3, which says, "There is a time to plant and a time to uproot."  In December I was reading Chip Gaines book, Capital Gaines, and he uses the verses in the front of his book. The message resonated with me so strongly. It seemed like everywhere I turned, the word " Uprooted"  was jumping out at me.  It began to roll around in my mind, and one day I realized it was the theme of my life.

I have been uprooted so many times, both as a Missionary Kid overseas in Cali, Colombia, and presently as the wife of an engineer who has been transferred many times. I constantly have an unsettled feeling in my soul. I have never lived in one place for an extended time. In fact, I get an "itch" to move very often.

 Why do I feel so unrooted? Am I the only one that feels like this?

 In September I was showing our landscaper the uprooted butterfly bushes in my yard after Hurricane Irma came through our area. As we were talking about the storm, I said..."This is not my 'Forever Home'. My Forever Home is in Heaven."

It all became clear at that moment...I'm not meant to be at home on this earth.  My home is in heaven.

Jesus says in Hebrews 13:14 "For this world is not our permanent "forever" home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come." NLT

As I was writing Big Changes For Little Bugs, I wanted to call it Uprooted, but many people discouraged me saying that the word wasn't "kid friendly." Since the main reason to write the book is to encourage children who are going through transitions in their life due to relocations, job transfers, or displacement, I chose Big Changes For Little Bugs. Helping children learn to adjust...even though at times they may feel sad, is one of my goals in the book. My bug characters exhibit some personality traits we all have, such as fear, selfishness, unkindness, but in the end they use their experience to turn their difficult journey into a rewarding and fruitful life.

My hope is that all who read my book, Big Changes for Little Bugs, see themselves in one of the bug characters, and use their own journey through this world to become more courageous, kind, and generous to each other. We are all on a journey to our "Forever Home." We may go through storms, and find thorns along the way, like Gracie Butterfly and Rosie Ladybug did, but we will also learn something new about ourselves. 

Have you felt unsettled in your life and don't know why?

 I encourage you to discover more about your heavenly home from God's Word in the Bible, and make your life journey a fruitful, spiritual journey to heaven. 

Also, pick up a copy of the book in April, 2018, at Amazon and other bookstores, and pass it on to anyone who needs a little bug humor and inspiration.

Coming soon, Part 2: "How to write (and stop and start and rewrite) a book."