The Growth Circle

A place to share our years of plenty and drought. Just like a tree, each year is marked by events that are visible when the tree is cut and a cross section is taken. What does your cross section look like? Do you have years of plenty and drought? We all do!

You are still alive and growing…but there may be someone who feels like they aren’t going to make it through whatever has come into their lives. Can you help them?

Yes…you can.

I will be leading a Facebook Group and Local group called The Growth Circle. Each week we will meet to have a lesson that is Biblically based, but with real-life impact.

You are invited to share your life so we can help each other. A tree continues to grow, even though it suffers an injury. It forms a callous to heal itself. You have callouses too…we all do.

As we start a new year, let’s help each other grow strong roots that will produce strong fruit to impact the world around you.


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